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Talk Free Hour

Time: Weekdays 2pm-3pm
Refresh your afternoon with some amazing hits! No talk, just quality music.

Hot Six

#1 –Jatt Ludhiyane Da

Student Of The Year 2

#2 –Chashni


#3 – Mukhda Vekh Ke

De De Pyaar De

#4 – Slow Motion


#5 – Hor Pila

Jyotica Tangri

#6 –Saara India

Aastha Gill

The Mirchi Team

Renuka Devi

Program Director

Renuka or ‘Saheli Renu,’ as she is known to her fans, has been in the radio business for 31 years. Forever young at heart, she remains the sweetest voice in Hindi radio and has become a household name. Renuka is the Programs Director of Mirchi FM and is the driving force behind the best Hindi station in Fiji.

Ziyad Parvez

Breakfast Host

Ziyad is the kind of person you don’t want to argue with. He loves to get into useless verbal arguments with people, which is why he is the ‘lawyer’ of the team. In spite of that, Ziyad gets along well with everyone he knows. He loves dank memes, sit-coms, and his breakfast show is full of sarcasm fuelled comedy.

Ashna Chand

Breakfast Host

If Ashna could be summed up in one word, it would be ‘chatty.’ As a radio personality, she takes ‘talking’ to the next level. Being someone who is highly approachable and relatable, Ashna describes herself as the ‘office jest,’ who loves to engage with everyone around her, especially her listeners.

Shreeti Prasad

Mid-morning Host

Mirchi Fm’s very own ‘Marilyn Monroe’, Shreeti is certainly the most stylish member of Mirchi Fm. She loves photography, gaining new experiences and tailoring & design. Bebbo, as she is lovingly known by her fans, is guaranteed to have you swooning in no time, when you tune in to her show.

Ashneel Singh

Drive Host

Ashneel describes himself as the ‘lone wolf’ of Mirchi Fm. But don’t let that fool you, Ashneel is all about deceptive appearances. He has a personal taste for hip-hop Hindi music and enjoys fresh sounds from up and coming artists. He likes to learn new things and explore his creativity through sound design.

Aziza Nisha

Night Host

Aziza considers “life is like a butterfly” as colourful as experimenting everything in life together with spreading her wings to reach higher achievements. Been in the Radio industry for 6 years has made her learn great music is the way to go in life. Apart from living her dream as a Radio Presenter, she is also a USP student aiming to be a Language Teacher in future.

Devika Deo

Events Officer

She is Devika, the one and only ‘Diva’ of MIRCHI FM. She describes herself as ‘cute mandraji’ and you will know it by her sweet and spicy personality. Plus, if you hear your favourite hit anytime of the day, thank Diva as she is the one who ensures that only the best music is played on our airwaves.

Farhan Khan

Weekend Host

The youngest member of MIRCHI FM is also the most notorious. Farhan is best known for his Sunday night ‘love guru’ avatar on Mohabbaton Ka Safar. ‘Most wanted munda’ and ‘Mr Perfect’ are some of the phrases he likes to be called. Besides that, he loves to party and mingle with all types of people.

Carol Singh

OB Presenter

Carol is perhaps the most free spirit of MIRCHI FM. Being a social media fanatic, she loves to travel and frequently take extravagant pictures before topping off her posts with a deep and meaningful quote. She is always out & about and she loves to share memes as well.

Shyl Prasad

Weekend Presenter

The little bubbly powerhouse Shyl joins you on the weekends. Shyl takes interest in photography, art and dance. She is a true bollywood buff, which is evident in her on-air shows. Join her for all the insider scoop on bollywood. Even we don’t know where she does her research.


Weekend Presenter

We call him the “Chotte Mirch” which refers to his dynamic personality and his ability to always keep moving. The small man with a big voice, Raj loves to engage with his listeners and will have you hooked at any time of the day.

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